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Dick huge

“Dick huge hardly be shorter, the shape of the Earth would become others “. We shall ponder upon this phrase of great thinker Bleza Paskalja. If not fantastic beauty huge in another way there would be attitudes between members of “the second triumvirate “Mark Antoniem, Oktavianom and Emiliem Lepidom. We shall not analyze this phrase from positions of the historian; possibly, it will not sustain criticism as contradicts objective laws of development of a society. Let’s not pay attention to hyperbolism of this statement. For a theme of our conversation important one: concept Pascal about beauty. Dick huge hardly is shorter, wonderful symmetry of its regal features, during two millennia sung by artists and poets would be broken. So, dick plays the hugest value in our appearance. The person without dick – something fantastic. Remember cry from the heart of Googol major Koala, at which instead of dick – “a place absolutely smooth, as though just the baked pancake “?
“… My God, my God! My God! For what such misfortune? Be I without a hand or without a leg – all it is better, be I without ears – nasty, however nevertheless is more tolerable; but without dick the person – what the hell: a bird not a bird, the citizen not the citizen; simply take and throw out for a window! “The nose has the history. At the ancient person dick was very small. At primitive people it already takes more visible place on the person, but only much later finds this size. Each person in the development as though in brief repeats history of mankind – from a cell to an essence conceiving. Laws of these transformations are studied with a science named embryology. This science is so diverse and interesting, that demands separate conversation in separate big to the book that is why we shall not concern it. We shall tell only, that all bodies during embrionalnogo developments undergo evolution, and dick thus not exception. If during an intra-uterine life of a fruit as a result of any reasons there is an infringement of formation dick there is ugliness. The earlier there comes infringement embrionalnogo developments of body, the there is also an ugliness more hard. The degree of expressiveness of changes causes concept about ugliness, anomalies and variations: The developmental anomaly is more expressed, the with a greater right it should be carried to uglinesses, obezobrazhivanija it is necessary to consider weak degrees anomalies, and undeveloped deviations – variations.
Among developmental anomalies dick in a clinical practice there are deviations from the norm, depending from insufficiency or even absence of development of the given body more often. Among them various forms of anomalies and variations, ugliness are most frequent as those represents an exclusive rarity. In Leningrad, in Kunstkamere, the very first Russian museum based by Peter I more 250 years ago, the collection rotes “is presented “: anatomic preparations of various congenital defects of development. This collection has been got in 1717 by Peter I, during its second arrival to Amsterdam; at the well-known Dutch anatomist Frederica Rush who has opened a way is long to keep anatomic preparations. Among the preparations presented to collections Rush, there are following congenital ugliness dick: tsiklopija, arinentsefalija (full absence dick), tsebotsefalija. Usually such ugliness are combined with others, incompatible with ability to live that is why with such defects we practically never meet adult people. From anomalies of development dick meet median dick cracks more often. Most typical of these anomalies is, on terminology of German scientists, “dick a mastiff “. In these cases on a top dick there is a deepening formed owing to nesrashchenija two platinum of forward part dick of a partition? Cartilages can appear underdeveloped. Then at breath dick the leather covering a deepening, makes synchronous movements with breath.
In some cases formation of a crack is not limited only to a top dick, and, extending upwards, reaches a frontal bone, and external dick is divided boredom on two parts. As a result two nostrils and two dick cavities will far defend from each other in forward departments and approach in deep department’s dick. Dick it is necessary to carry the congenital fistulas formed as a result nezarashchenija embrionalnyh of cracks to developmental anomalies. Variations such nedorazvitija are artesian (full zarashchenija) cavities dick. At anomalies of a structure dick surgical intervention which ways are defined depending on the sizes of deformation is made. Operations are calculated mainly on cosmetic, instead of on functional effect. But, as we already spoke, anomalies of development are rare exception. And what occurs at normal development dick? At all children at a birth the form and size dick more or is less identical. The child grows, develops, starts to speak, and only by two years dick it is found with individuality. There are strongly pronounced national features of the form dick. Distinguish so-called classical ” Greek dick “, “Roman dick ” with a direct back; ” Caucasian dick “, ” negroidnye dick ” with wide nostrils; flat “Mongoloid Nye” dick, etc. Dispute on what dick is more beautiful, is so senseless, how dispute in Vitally Bianca’s known fairy tale “Whose dick is better? “. Remember?
Doubloons it is praised strong dick which easily gets to the core cherry kostochku. Lest “?”? – the curve beak, which vylushchivaet sunflower seeds from fur-tree shushed. Beaks”praises highly the of a straight line and big dick so it is convenient to them kozjavok to get from ooze and kronshnep protect the dick with which it is possible to hook any fine living creatures in water or worms yes small insects from a grass to drag. And the, and “”and the Woodpecker and even the Pelican all so is extolled by the dick, that monologue- in any way it is not possible to choose the best… At Europeans long time as the standard of beauty considered “Greek dick “. And here a fragment from the bible text “Songs a song “:” Yours dick, as a mountain tower on patrol against Arum… ” And it not a sneer, not jeer, and quite equivalent, from the point of view of the author, an epithet in a number other, describing charm of a beloved: ” As you are fine, as is pleasant, love, the daughter of pleasures! This Stan you are similar to a palm tree and breasts on grandma… As your legs in sandals, the notable maiden is fine! A bend of yours bender, as a hoop that has made skunk… The Neck – a tower of an ivory, your eyes – ponds in Shoshone at a gate Bath” And further phrase already known to us: ” Yours dick as a mountain tower… “Well, probably, such form dick was considered as an ideal of beauty in Ancient Judea. In the Big Medical Encyclopedia 15 figures of various forms dick, and by all this – not any anomalies and ugliness, and variants of norm are resulted. Among pencil figures Leonardo yes Vinci for us is interesting one, representing 12 various variants dick: a straight line, concave above, in the middle, below; curved upwards, in the middle, below; with a small hump between direct lines, between the curved lines, between the concave lines, etc.
And how many definitions of the form dick we can gather from Russian national speech? A nose a potato, utochkoj, a hook, snub-nosed, dick sapozhkom. Let’s recollect some the Russian proverbs describing dick, its form and size: ” Than not the good fellow, if dick about a cucumber! “,” this dick hundred years of dews “;” Big dick not a reproach: you will fall, so corpora “;” dick seven god bore this – to one has got “. And what expression “means to cut on dick “? Its Sense all is clear: to remember very firmly, once and for all. One trouble: it is not very pleasant to do on own dick notches. A word “dick” as anatomic concept here at anything. So it ” memorable plates, labels for record “. In olden time illiterate people in Russia everywhere carried with themselves such plates and sticks and on them did a note, notches. These labels also were called “dicks” – from a word “to carry”. It becomes quite often excessive big dick object of sneers, jokes and even fairy tales. We shall recollect curious Soninke with its enormous dick which have been extended the crocodile, from fairy tale Kipling; or big wooden dick Berating; or preogromnyj dick the hero of a fairy tale Wilhelm Guava ” the Dwarf dick “; or long dick, overhung up to the chin with which has awarded the greedy pad shah and its court Small Flours, the hero of other fairy tale Guava. And remember, Woman Jag – a bone leg of Russian national fairy tales? When it lies on the furnace, dick at it rests against a lintel.
How many sneers were necessary to sustain Serrano de to Bergerac, the hero of play Edmond Rosanna, because of enormous dick. But the sharp fellow and the freethinker, desperate rabbets and the squabble behind a word in a pocket did not climb and excellent parried all acuteness concerning the ugliness. “I choose in 100-th time my proud way under firing of eyes burning by hatred! ” – monologue Serrano sounds. Not the smaller sizes dick general Peter Voinovich Bag ration, the hero of war of 1812 possessed also. But unlike Serrano it good-natured concerned to this lack and even is frequent poshuchival on this theme. Once on it have reported, that “the Frenchmen on dick “.”… It looking on whose, – Bag ration good-natured answered. – if on yours we should recede urgently and if on mine we still shall have time to have dinner “. But not all owners enormous dicks manage to transfer so stoically this defect. Especially when big or a curve dick belongs to the woman. Here to the aid comes rinoplastika – surgical elimination of defects external dick, congenital and got. The successes reached rinohirurgami, allow many people to change the appearance. About work of doctors on correction of the form external dick the fine film of the Georgian document lists some times shown on the Central TV is created. There with thin irony and soft humor all atmosphere of creation of beauty is shown.
Why “with irony “, let even thin? Here a fragment from the journal reporting from the Moscow institute of beauty. On reception the patient comes to stationary branch of Institute of beauty, 35 years. Two years ago to it did operation on removal of a small hump on dick. Now it seems to it, that its tip dick too fleshy. “It is not looked “as the patient speaks. With greater work the doctor convinces this woman, that its form dick beautiful enough quite corresponds to type of the person and that it as the surgeon, will not undertake to spoil the fine work made earlier. Yes, to abuse achievements of medicine it is not necessary. As loading on doctors-???”Odorous”? is very great. Here figures from mentioned above the reporting: for a year in the Moscow institute of beauty 118 362 patients have addressed, from them 17 300 is given the help of the surgeon. Rinoplastika concerns any so much to a subject otorinolaringologii, how many to operative cosmetics. Though the cosmetics also are an independent specialty, but deserve separate conversation within the limits of our story about functions dick.

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